New machines

AFL* is a newly developed linear transfer machine for medium and large batches. Finishing with just one clamping by 2- or 3-way-machining with rotating tools.

high production rate by

  • two or three spindles working simultaneously
  • low idle time without automatic tool exchange from a magazine
  • high cutting rate thanks to dynamic rigidity

short set-up time by

  • quick-change tool system
  • quick-change of just one single component clamping jaw
  • storage of the component specific CNC programs
  • compensating all CNC-axes via offsets

minimum expenditure for new types of workpieces by

  • generating of contours by software controlling radial tool movement (U-axis), thus avoiding tailored cutter heads and boring bars
  • simplest workpiece clamping jaw
  • adjustable combined tool head with several cutters

retrofitable at any time upon request

  • third machining direction from above
  • third spindle left hand, right hand and at the top
  • radial turning (CNC-controlled facing head, U-axis)
  • any machining direction
  • additional spindles by turret head
  • milling by CNC-controlled traverse feed
  • self-centring and collet clamping

precise machining

  • concentricity: machining axes have fine adjustment but are fixed during operation
  • machined diameters: material measure by tool
  • machined diameters: tools remain fixed in spindles
  • surface finish: stepless optimisation of cutting data

workpiece handling

  • loading and unloading out of magazine automatically
  • linkage to automatic component cleaning
  • linkage to automatic chip removal
  • linkage to automatic deburring
  • linkage to second Toenshoff-AFL

*AFL: abbreviation of READY STEADY GO in German