Retrofit to CNC

We convert the hydraulic machining units of Tönshoff rotary transfer machines to CNC, and that at machines, which are currently in service in our customers’ workshops and also at machines that we have repurchased from their former owner and that we are offering now after overhaul and modification.

Retrofit to CNC is possible for all machining units or just for selected ones of a machine.

After retrofit the feed drive of a unit consists of CNC Servomotor, timing belt and recirculating ball screw. Thus positions and feed rates become programmable (Z-axis).

As an option also the rotation of the main spindle can be driven by CNC thus becoming programmable as well.

Another option is the CNC controlled facing head, its radial slide being operated by an extra servomotor and ball screw (X-axis).

The advantages of the retrofit to CNC are:

  • reducing setup time,
  • avoiding of setup faults and thus preventing scrap production and tool breakage,
  • threading without leadscrew and follower depending on the thread lead,
  • threading by single point thread chasing in several passes,
  • avoiding of component specific cutter heads and boring bars by single point turning of contours generated by interpolation between Z- and X-axis and
  • tool offset in Z and X.